Be Like Me

Whittlin' Rich

That we all experience life at different rates and from different perspectives may sound obvious, but it’s not. The angry arguments we engage in, boil down to: “Why can’t you just be like me! Then everything would be perfect!”

We seem to believe the world is easily and unambiguously understood by everyone, and digested at the same pace, despite the fact that we’re continuously challenged and confused by life, and despite the fact that our own perspective of the world continues to evolve.

If the following phrases enter our thoughts, we may want to reconsider their validity: You’re doing it wrong! Do it the right way! Just be normal! You’re disgusting! You’re an idiot! The truth is obvious! The facts are clear! I’m right!

Because when we stop to analyze the situation, we really don’t know a lot about this world, so perhaps we’re not in a position to judge…

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