Breaking wind on the treadmill.

Back off the couch

So, here in East Yorkshire we have seen some of the weirdest of weathers over the last two days.  Yesterday, Keith at Full Potential  had me down for a steady 45 mins run at the end of a nice “recovery” week.  I imagine moving to Italy has given him a touch of the Italian generosity ?  I’ll give it a week.  I digress.

The weather on the way home from work was horrendous and I drove through 3 separate downpours.  There was no way I was going to get even a 45 min run in the dry – so I headed for the gym.

Now, the last time I had to do a steady run for 45 mins on a treadmill, there was only me and another guy on adjacent runners. We both had our earphones in  and stared forward – me glancing at various bits of my body that…

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