Communication is Key

Creating Happiness and Other Courageous Endeavors

Relationships are not always a cakewalk, and they can be even more difficult if the channels of communication are not in proper working order.  A good healthy dose of conflict isn’t necessarily bad or a sign that things are failing.  Conflict offers a chance for growth and learning about oneself and another. It does help, however, to be skillful with words and the approach.  Below is a helpful list of guidelines for improving your line of communication when obstacles arise within your relationships.

When sending messages:

1.  CONFRONT DIRECTLY rather than ignore, grumble, or give up.  Examples of confronting directly might be “Can I give you some feedback?” or “Can we talk?”

2.  DESCRIBE the behavior rather than attack the person.  For example, you might say…”When I saw…” or “When I heard you say…”

3.  INFORM rather than withhold.  When informing the other person, you might say “I thought it meant… or “I…

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