Day 15 of Juneathon and we’re ready to build an Ark …

The Padded Envelope!

Horrible evening last night, coughing fit, knocked glass of cranberry juice all over cream rug, got annoyed so sent myself to bed in the spare room.  Got to sleep late and then overslept this morning. R bought me a cuppa at 10.45am!  So body clock completely out all day.

Really didn’t want to do Juneathon today.  Legs like lead and totally not in the right frame of mind, plus it’s pouring with rain.  But I’ve started, so I’ll finish … right?

So got ready, put my rain gear on which I HATE wearing and set off.  Decided to do intervals similar to the C25K programme and managed 2.2 miles in 35 minutes.

10 minutes out and the heavens opened. Made me run a bit faster so I could get home and tuck into the Thai takeaway husband brought home.  mmmm prawn crackers in sweet chilli sauce.  Good motivation 🙂


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