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Last week I got my mileage back up to 20 for the week. I’d slipped down closer to 10 per week for the past several weeks, which is shameful considering this time last year I was up to 45.

Thursday night in my cycling class I had a new participant, an intense slightly older man wearing a marathon tech shirt and ironman biking shorts. He looked like a legit ironman. I found myself wishing I’d planned a harder workout for my class so I could give him an ironman-worthy workout. Then I got to thinking, “could I intimidate my class by showing up in ironman gear?” His gear made me want to push harder. Could I actually inspire my class by making a habit out of wearing my race shirts? Hmmm.

Intro Friday, my glorious rest day. On top of 20 miles of running, I had to teach 3 spinning…

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