Ever Seen a Grown Man Yoga?

Where Is King's Road?

I started noticing them everywhere, women walking around town, carrying their rolled up mats, preening in their yoga pants, looking a little flush, beads of sweat dampening their brow.

I watched them and wondered, “What are these women doing on those mats?”

When I realized it was yoga, my first thought was, “They got pants for that?”

You know something’s reached the level of “craze” when the craze gets its own pants.

And being the red-blooded American consumer that I am, I guess I had to find out what all the fuss was about. So Bovey and I signed up.

I’d say we’re a little late to this whole yoga thing. Not because we’re independent-minded enough to avoid anything too trendy or cool. It’s more to do with our disdain for exercise.

Lifting weights, running, swimming, walking, it all seems so utilitarian. At least yoga looked easy, seemingly satisfying my…

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