First Triathlon

My Marathon 2 Recovery

Today was my FIRST triathlon! And guess what? I LOVED it! It was FUN! 🙂

Before I headed to bed last night I turned on the TV and ironically Finding Nemo was on! Remember in a recent post how I said I’m like Nemo when it comes to swimming, being slightly challenged? Haha That little coincidence didn’t make me feel worse or even nervous, because I remember what Dori said, “Just keep swimming… Just keeping swimming… Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!” 😉

Woke up bright and early – 5:00! Once we got there, there was fog hovering over the water – it was so neat! And made me super excited.

Munroe Falls Metro Parkmunroe falls tri 2013_fog

I competed in the Munroe Falls Sprint Triathlon (400 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run – which is slightly shorter than a regular sprint tri). I got nervous at first in swim and started to hyperventilate. But, I…

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