Fitness. Ish.

Barks and Baking

I will be the first to admit that I’ve never really been an athletic person. Growing up I played 1 season of soccer in the 5th grade, and that was the extent of my athletic activity. I never had dance lessons or played any sports, or anything else except swimming lessons during the summer (my mom can’t swim and therefore couldn’t have saved any of us kids if we got into trouble, so I did get swimming lessons every year until I was certified as a lifeguard).

I played flute from 5th grade all the way to high school graduation, which at my school meant you did marching band too, which is probably the most “active” thing I’ve ever done. My junior year of high school, I decided that flag corps looked like more fun than marching with a piccolo (but really, what isn’t more fun than that…) so I…

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