Just Be Canterful

Whittlin' Rich

What’s wrong? You should just be canterful!
Oh come on, we’ve all experienced canterfulness.
I’m not sure that I have.
It’s when you feel kepticlop inside!
Perhaps we don’t all have identical experiences with life?
Everyone knows what canterful is!
No, really, I don’t know.
Well you should! Freak!

It seems that a lot of strife occurs when we mistakenly believe that everyone on Earth is having the exact same experiences that we’re having. We often believe that everyone must react in the same way, at the same time, to the same things — or else they must be defective.

While it’s true that we all seem to share the same basic features and feelings — what triggers our feelings, when it happens, and in what way — seems to vary. In other words, we all experience life at different rates and from different perspectives.

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