Lost and Found


I’ve recently returned from leading a yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico.  En route to Mexico, my luggage decided to take a detour, never to join up with me again.  Alright, no problem – except that everything I needed (or so I thought) was in that suitcase.  There’s nothing like showing up to a beach in pants and a sweatshirt.  Although I tried to play it cool with my students, they saw through my feeble attempts.  Before I knew it, the group clothed me from head to toe, matted me in sunblock and forgave me for the absence of their retreat gifts.  Community had been found.

In a group of 15, it’s often a challenge to get everyone to simultaneously agree on a particular activity.  To my surprise though, our entire group settled on paddle boarding in town.  When we set out on water, many couldn’t find the confidence to leave…

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