My body and its image problem

Love & Liquor

Because it’s clearly not me that has a problem. If my body would just be naturally skinny then I wouldn’t have to obsess about it, right?

Truth is, I have always hated me for being fat. Even now, when I’m not fat, I still think I’m fat. And this is despite knowing I’m not the least bit fat. I’m well within the BMI, last time I did a body fat measurement it was 17% – that’s in the range of a professional athlete! – I eat healthily and I exercise regularly. It’s not even like I want to be super skinny. But still, there’s something self critical that won’t let me just be no matter what I tell myself.

Right now it’s about feeling comfortable in the clothes I bought last year. I lost a hell of a lot of weight last year thanks to running like a crazy ass…

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