Picking Up Speed

Write the Happy Ending

On Thursday evening, I sat by my living room window and blogged about blind run number two as wind and rain pelted the glass. Between 8 and 9 p.m., the deluge ended, and a purplish, backlit sky cloaked the drenched tree canopies and rooftops of my neighborhood. And at 10:09, Andrew picked me up at my mailbox for blind run number three.

As with run number two, I closed my eyes as soon as I took hold of my end of the three-foot bungee cord, my lifeline for these sightless runs designed to prepare me to run the Thunder Road Half Marathon blindfolded on Nov. 16. We turned left at the first intersection and climbed a hill that doesn’t look threatening but always makes me wheeze when I tackle it at the beginning of a run. At the top of the hill, we took another left. At that point, I…

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