Shorts! Argh!

Running While Fat

I usually don’t run on the weekends, but I’m going to try adding an experimental Saturday run for a couple weeks and see how it works.  It wasn’t hard to motivate myself to go outside today; it’s another lovely day!

It was a relatively short run, 30 minutes, and I covered a bit more than 2.5 miles.  I had some pacing problems– the first 10 minutes were speedy and then I ran out of gas and struggled with the rest.  But, overall, it was pretty fun.  I’m getting a nice tan, too (or at least advancing towards becoming one giant freckle.)

I’ve run out of my normal running capris so I decided to go with shorts.  They’re neither super short nor super long, I would call them “soccer length” not running or basketball length.  And as I went down the road, I remembered why I don’t wear shorts: they ride…

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