Swimming Through Texas: Overcoming Obstacles as a UT Freshman Swimmer


this is the third post in a series by YoungTri Executive Board member Patrick LaBrode about competing on the University of Texas at Austin swim team

As my first year at The University of Texas recently came to an end, I’ve been taking a look back at my entire year and season. My first year as a college athlete was nothing short of amazing! From the very start I just knew I belonged at Texas, and every day was a blessing. But that’s not to say there weren’t any obstacles I had to get over throughout the course of the year.

As a student, college classes were not easy. I came into my freshman year thinking it wouldn’t be much different than high school — but I as wrong. I had to pull multiple all-nighters (living off coffee and popcorn)! Balancing swim, school, friends, relaxation, and everything else was not…

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