The home stretch

Sunshine & Soup

With only 2 weeks left until Pacific Crest, today’s long run was the final of my 12-week training program (YAY!). All I have ahead of me are a couple of 5 milers, a 10k and a couple of speed workouts. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although, I don’t mind the training for a half marathon. It’s challenging but doable, dare I say even sometimes enjoyable. (Marathon training is a different story. Never. Again.)

Today’s run landed in the challenging category. I felt off my game from the beginning. I chose to run the same route as last weekend, except to make it an out-and-back run (run 6 miles, then turn around and come back for a total of 12 miles). The path seemed sketchier than it did last weekend. There were a few more transients, a few more girls doing what I imagined…

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