Two into one will go.

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Right..the challenge. Blogging on Jogblog’s computer (saves start-up time) means there are no letters on her keyboard. I can’t touch type but am getting the hang of layouts of typewriters and that. So as a challenge, I’m not going to correct spellings etc. The words will be as I type them, hopefully you’ll get the meaning.

Yesterday first. A mile around site earlier in the day meant the mountainbike outing didn’t have to be interspersed with a jog, which was nice, and meant the inevitable mechanical (a croken chain device hanger on Tubbson2wheels bike resulted in a nice few minute rest as we bidged it together rather than a jog up the road.

The outing was superb – a brief lull in the wind combunes with a touch of sun made for smiling bikers, even if the last three miles (out of 20) were up the bastard hills from Folkestone…

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