What is Better Than a PR?

rrk = run, read, knit

Running alongside my 10 year-old as she completed her first 5K. She did fantastic! I couldn’t be more proud.

My son and I ran this race last year. It was my first 5K and I was terribly unprepared. I was really new to running. I had only been running 2 months and had no business running a 5K. But my son, who runs on the cross-country team at school, was very persuasive and convinced me that it would be fun for us to do our first 5K together. He beat me by a good 10 minutes. I was terribly slow and barely made it across the finish line. I vowed up completion of that Spud Run that I would train consistently and return for a re-do this year.

I trained consistently, my running has improved tremendously over the past year, and I…

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