CIA & Syrian Chemical Weapons (WMD).



The same group that promised us Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq have asked us to attack Syria, because they have used Weapons of Mass Destruction.


Wasn’t that why I am supposed to hate President Bush? And now President Obama will follow the same course of action?

I admit, he has not declared war, yet.

But, with all the other military involvements we are in, it would not surprise me if he did not request permission.

Remember, we are supposed to ask permission before we declare war.

Arming the terrorists (aka rebels) is an act of war.

If I sent a bullet to any rebel group, I would go to jail.

So, should we arm the rebels.

I do not know.

But, the only people who do know anything about the truth all have Top Secret Clearances and they had the same access when we invaded Iraq.


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