Deaf, “because I’m worth it”



Yeah, I know what you gonna think. Another boring picture from this guy who claims he “loves life in paradise” so much. Another surfing pic’, one more time. When it’s not about sailing, it’s about surfing anyway. I could disagree of course, actually I think you might even be in the true, but the thing is that it is not the point here.

“Never judge a book by its cover”. Take this picture for example. I took it last Thursday, leaving la Côte des Basques and a very nice right, to heading to work. I woke up at 6.15 am, went to the spot where I was expected to have a lovely early surfing session. Indeed it was lovely, I had a great session, apart  from the  clouds of jellyfishes and the dark brown water…

It was more two than weeks I was waiting for surfing, like everybody else here. But the…

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