EPIC…maybe not

Venus Goes Gidget


I’ve heard fishermen always add a couple of centimeters to their catch. I’ve even heard rumors that some guys may add a bit of extra length when boasting about bodily features that are measured in centimetres.

I think men in particular have something like an in-built exaggerator when they talk to their mates about all kind of stuff. Surfing does not seem to be any different. I’ve heard countless conversation, guys getting all excited talking about their latest session when it was in fact really not that great.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • So much fun, there were heaps of close-out barrels on the shore”. That really stands for “mean shore dump” i.e. taking off on the shorey, getting dumped before you eat sand.
  • It was much bigger than Bondi and awesome lefts in that rip bowl.” That something like…I had to drive for 2…

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