For years I’d been designing an experiment in my head to determine if there’s something “different” about those of us who participate in extreme sports. In snowboarding, just like many of the sports I love, we continually put ourselves into dangerous situations. We know people who have died. And people who have dug through avy debris to find nothing, or worse. Most of us have had serious injuries, but we keep heading back to the mountain for more. WHY?!?!

Since my most recent injury, I’ve gotten a bombardment of questions like: are you ever going to ride again? why do you keep hurting yourself? you wanna sell your boards? how much? you work in a board shop, how do you keep sane in there on crutches? To which I answer: fuck yes, because I’m an addict, hell no, I said not for sale dammit and I don’t, sanity is overrated.

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