Health and College: Inverting the Freshmen Fifteen

Crafting in College

Originally posted on September 6, 2012.

Everyone knows about the “freshmen fifteen”, that dozen-plus pounds that every incoming college student is, apparently, destined to gain in their first months on campus. The stubborn fat is presumably the result of snacking, fattening food choices in dining halls, and a lack of exercise. Right?

Probably. But the gain is not predestined. It’s not like every 18-year-old throughout time has gained fifteen-ish pounds in the fall of that year, is it? No, not at all. The gain is a result in changed lifestyles, but nobody said that the change could not be for the better.

College is a great time to start building healthier habits – you have no family to fill a pantry with fattening goodies that are oh-so-hard to ignore on a diet, and the “mine”/”yours” boundaries are a lot stronger between roommates than family members.

Health Goals

I am not…

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