Innovations as possible solution to World’s risks and problems or Why innovations matter? (Part 2 of 2)

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In my previous post I concluded that World obviously has many problems. There are more than seven billion peoplein the world and we have problems… These problems vary from important (poverty, water, food shortages, human rights) to less important ones (paricular country’s situations, level of social, cultural political development of a given society). The point is that we can’t control population increase, we fail to control world’s resources consumption, we failed to stop envirtonmental pollution, etc. The list could be continued.

And the question is: so what? Are we going to be concerned about that? Are we going to take measures? Or we will just think as Madame de Pompadour (from 18th century) who firt said famous phrase, “Après nous le déluge” (Do not care about the consequences of my actions, be they disastrous)?

If yes, what should we do? Who should be concerned about that?…

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