Insanity Pure Cardio

This is Me


The title pretty much says it all.  This workout was pure cardio.  From start to finish Shaun T. has you working your butt off literally. 

I really enjoyed this DVD, maybe because I’m a sucker for cardio workout, but I really liked it.  By far out of all the DVDs I have done so far, this one is probably my favorite because it’s so insane.   The DVD itself was about 38 minutes.  Of those 38 minutes, 11 minutes were the warm-up, followed by 6 minutes of stretching, and then 15 minutes of the actual pure cardio part.  That might not seem like a long time, but riddle me this, Batman… how long can you sprint for? How long can you squat jump for without taking a break? If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking maybe 30 seconds… MAX.  Now try doing a bunch of different crazy cardio…

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