Like them, I shall go

Hey, daydreamer~

Some of you might have different thoughts or reactions after reading the title of this post. Some of you might actually think: (1) I’m having thoughts about suicide– maybe because there were  lots of *them* who already went to the road where one can find a dead end; (2) I am going somewhere, literally, to a place where there were  lots of *them* have already been; or (3) I am moving forward, I will do something beyond the ordinary or the comforts of my life, I shall go to the road of endless possibilities and where I can fulfill my dreams.

I go to seek a Great Perhaps. 

Last summer, I have read some of John Green’s novels and one of them was Looking for Alaska. The main protagonist, Miles “Pudge” Looking for AlaskaHalter, is a  typical high school misfit and has an odd hobby of memorizing the famous last words of…

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