Motion Design: Blending visual communication with kinetic energy

Time-Based Diary

Motion designers have utilized their talents in Hollywood through the creation of title sequences, trailers, identifiers and bumpers for film and television productions. Designers like Saul Bass established the influence of film openers with films like The Man with the Golden Arm and The Anatomy of a Murder. His crafty use of geometry and symbolism in The Anatomy of a Murder is exhibited in his framing of the credit roll through stylized body parts. The highly conceptual piece uses allusion to stir audience curiosity and interest in the film. Furthermore, the monochrome color palette and simplicity of the silhouetted images conjure vivid images in the imagination as opposed to a live-action opener, which may narrow viewers’ expectations.

mtv4While television title sequences and bumpers are significantly shorter than in film, they require the same creative energies and technologies to produce them. After the rise of cable television, creative directors sought innovative…

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