Senegal, Surfing, and Sandwiches

life with jer

Surf Camp: Senegalese Style

I’m living in a surf guest house on N’Gor Island. A short boat ride off the coast of Dakar, Senegal, the westernmost country in Africa. Almost everyday is sunny and 30+ degrees, but the cool (relatively) north winter wind has not fully ceased yet, offering some respite from the heat. The rains won’t start until mid-July and will finish up by mid-October, turning the city green for three short months.

Wolof is the local language, although French both understood and spoken, similar to many other west African nations that were former French territories or protectorates. The currency is the CFA Franc, which is also shared by a number of neighbouring countries and interestingly is tied to the French government, opposed to the local economies.

N’Gor Island is an interesting place. Only 25 people permanently inhabit the island, although hundreds flock here on weekends to use the…

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