The Incredibles

elegant & bold

This movie came out when I was about 8 or 9 and I loved it, watched it all the time. But you know how you’ll watch a movie once you’ve gotten older and get jokes you never got as a kid? Well, I’ve realized some things about The Incredibles as I re-watch it now, almost ten years later.

This movie really inspires kids to do what they love. As Bob (Mr. Incredible) is working his desk job in his little cubicle, he’s pretty much depressed. He goes home, is cranky, hates his life, tries to live vicariously through little good deeds while still hiding his identity, doesn’t get along with his wife or seem too concerned about his kids. But then as he gets back into being a superhero, he starts enjoying life a lot more. He’s working out, playing with his kids, caring for his wife, is pretty much…

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