Top 3 Actions Great Leaders Take


Leadership top 3 why what how

A great leader
  1. Communicates the “Why”
  2. Collaborates the “What”
  3. Delegates the “How”

Communicating “The Why”

A great leader understands and articulates the reason an activity must take place. The leader is aware of the risks of inaction and the benefits of forward motion. Before any meaningful planning can be done, the leader must emphatically clarify the reason the status quo is unacceptable. The purpose of a successful endeavor must be crystal clear before brainstorming even begins. 

Collaborating on “The What”

Once the need has been firmly clarified, the leader should involve the team in determining the objectives. This is a great opportunity for brainstorming. Many fantastic ideas will be missed if the leader dictates “the what,” rather than collaborates. The opportunity to participate in defining “the what” will build a sense of ownership among the team members. This will help sustain them when inevitable obstacles arise along the way.


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