Twelve Weeks Out. [I wanna be 12 days out.]

Rachel Begins Here...

Today is twelve weeks out… I’m still kinda shocked to be honest… I’ve been going through the motions of training and eating 5/6 times a day without thinking now that it still hasn’t hit me that I’m training for a bikini competition. The thing they don’t tell you about competitions is that in the beginning it fucking sucks, I’m bloated and nauseous by about 3 pm every day..[I know I know a week ago I said what’s not to love… I take it back!!!]

I’m tired of chicken and egg whites and tilapia and I have a SEVERE case of the I DON’T WANNA’s. See for me I’ve always been a grazer… so eating this much protein and carbs is kinda like a shock to my body.. so much so that I feel like I haven’t seen any change [so much so that I’m embarrassed to post any photos of…

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