Warning! Storm of Blog Posts to Follow!!

Laura's Dimension

Well guys, here’s a quick heads up.

I checked my calendar today and it finally hit me that I’m only going to be in China for another three weeks, and I’ll only be teaching in Weifang for two of those weeks.

I’ll get a Bullet Train back to Beijing on 1st July, and then I fly home (well back to London then I get picked up and driven home by my parentals) on 6th July.

So I don’t really have a lot of time left, and I have what seems like s mountsin of posts in the works: drafted, half-drafted and just simply floating in my head waiting to be given form.

So, in the next week or so expect a veritable flurryof posts, as I try to post them all while they are still somewhat relevant; while I’m still in China!!

There you go warning over, now sit…

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