When is enough content enough? (The Blog Edition)

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1165446_blog_1Everyone who has a blog asks from time to time when writing a post: Should I stop here? Is this enough? Should I go deeper or somehow say more?

Yesterday, I discussed some issues I was having editing my writer’s handbook. I thought I had entered a proofreading phase and it turns out, I’m still adding content in a number of places.

That realization led to me pondering, when is enough content enough?

Today, I’m considering that question as it relates to bloggers. (Sure, I’m a novelist, and my blog is for fellow novelists, but we’re all supposed to blog as well. And I LOVE running my blog for many reasons I discussed in a earlier post.)


Yesterday, discussing a lengthy work of nonfiction, I proposed that we, as writers, know that enough is enough because we’ve set a goal in mind for the…

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