Why is Starting a New Business Like the “Life of Pi”?


Why is being an entrepreneur like facing a Tiger?

One of my favorite movies this year was The Life of Pi, which I went to see because I liked the book so much.


We were in Oregon visiting family and we saw this modern fable with them.  Some of them loved the movie, others were perplexed or even irritated by its many turns and by its (seeming) blind-alley conclusion. 


This is the second installment in a series I am writing about starting our new business venture, Ophir Crafts.  Life of Pi is relevant to our new family venture because this intriguing and sometimes frustrating fable reminded me of how Gary and I feel about starting Ophir.


We thought fascinating story about a boy escaping a shipwreck to share a small boat for months on end with a Bengal tiger hones in on a plausible perspective of…

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