big fat elephant

Husband and I went to the zoo today. I haven’t been to the zoo in years, and I was fairly giddy. Maybe this time I could see a tiger! Last time the tiger wasn’t out, and it was a big disappointment. In fact, a lot of the animals were hiding away. I only got to see the albino alligator, which was pretty cool, I admit, but still was not a tiger.

Husband likes the gorillas most, so we visited the primates first. The big gorilla was inside, and, in spite of a large audience of adoring children, he refused to be happy. He walked to the glass, turned his silver back to us, and plopped his bottom on the ground; I think he was fairly satisfied with making so many dissatisfied.

I really enjoyed the elephants. The zookeepers were watering them down, and they (the elephants) enjoyed it a great…

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