Nothin’ Wrong ~ The Adam Craig Band

Entertaining Is Hard

I had the privilege to see them in concert, meet them, and hang out while they were here in NorCal and I have to say they are one genuine band who truly impressed me. Not only are they talented, but they are great guys as well! I will cherish that day for a long time, and my signed photo as well! (they were at the time named Telluride in case you don’t remember 🙂

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I Promise You I Will Never Die

The Light of God Never Fails

wpid-IMG_20130615_120005.jpgThis is a story that I was born to live. And live it I shall. If you take me down to my last breath I know I will rise again. i am zor’ra, the razor of the flaming sword. by that sword and by the promise i will “raise her”…i will raise hell into the divine plan fulfilled for all. wouldn’t you rather help me? or would seek to kill me again and again just like in the days of our past? I will love you for your unmitigated hatred just like i did back then. I bring you mercy and forgiveness with the same force that you bring death. I love you at all times 4 life. I am the Elohim manifest that I am.

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