NO Dog!!! GO HOME!!!

Got Mom Ready for the Wedding; now what?

I was so proud of Jackson this morning!  He refused to engage in combat with the “ferocious” canines protecting their home turfs as we walked, even though a few of them came out into the road and tried to start a war.  I love living in a rural area; I love the “country” feel of my home.  I love the fresh air, the wildlife, the wildflowers, the beautiful views, and the friendly folks who live around here.  I love the fact that there is little traffic and what traffic we do have consists of careful drivers for the most part who throw up a hand when they pass and give me and the dog a wide berth.  I don’t love that my husband and my daddy worry every time I go for a walk that I might get attacked or abducted.  They want me to carry a big stick.  You…

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